Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tak Suka =.=

Errmm...dalam bulan puasa nie la ak jumpe org yg mcm ***.....tak sukanya =P
nak luahkn jgk la kt entry neh coz nnti klu simpan dlm hati memudaratkn diri...huh!

Asik nk bGesel je pehal eh...gewdik giler, nk bg brg pun xyah la sentuh2 kulit yg blainan jantina..ak xhalalkn, tue hak ak (ak je yg leh sentuh2 kulit die) huhuhu.....
bknnye x sengaja tp dSengajakn....depan mate ak plak tue....eeeuuwwww...

Dah tue ak senyum, die haram x senyum.....wat kerek la, sabar je la......tp.......ade tpnye....skali ko wat kerek kt ak, 100 kali ak kerek blk.......huh!

Ak btol2 x leh trima ouh.......Klu luar cantik tp dlm x cantik dan luar tak cantik tp dlm cantik ak leh trima lg tp masalahnye luar x cantik dlm pun x cantik mcm mane???ggggrrrrrr...

Astaqfirullah, bwk bSabar la ye.....errrmmm...Muhasabahkn Diri

Selamat la ade pNyejuk diri kt pic bwh neh.......hehehe, even buas n lasak n suka wat mama tJaga tp x mnyakitkn hati......love u la Danish =)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Two Year Anniversary ~ 08.08.2010 ~

Happy two year anniversary, baby
I love you with all of my heart and soul
You are my world, all of my dreams
And I want you to know that
I'll never let you go
You truly are the most important person
In my life

Baby, not only have you been my lover
But also my best friend
Through good times and bad
We've stayed by each others sides
Holding on tightly to each other
In each other we have found
Our happiness, our peace, and our home

Through the trials, obstacles
And even the distance
We haven't let it phase us
As we show the world that
Our love runs deep and true
That our bond is too strong to break
And throughout everything
We are forever devoted to each other

I can never express enough
How much I love you
How much I care about you
And how much I can't live without you
You truly are my soul mate,
My angel, and my piece of Heaven on earth
God has truly blessed us
For two years now and
I know He will continue to do so

Baby, I can't wait for the day
When we take that walk
Down the aisle and in front
Of our family and friends
Pledge our love to be everlasting
Through better or worse
For richer or poorer, in sickness
And in health
Until death do us part

We do, yes we do
Pledge to always and forever be true
We do, on our anniversary
 Love U so Much...Muuaaaahhhhhh3x
` . `

The JOHNSON'S® Baby 'Baby of the Year' Contest

The JOHNSON'S® Baby 'Baby of the Year' Contest

 Sesuke hati je Mama Danish submit gambar2 Danish neh...ade rezki ade la, insyaAllah...Amin